WeeGroove in the Park

This summer, we are taking a break from Centered: Music and Movement, but there are many opportunities to join a WeeGroove Dance party.
Today is the first day of WeeGroove in the Park. We will be singing, dancing and popping bubbles at 4:30. Join us at Tobey Prinz Park, near Pratt and the lake. (I will be setting up near the large climbing statue, but I will probably be looking for some shade.) 

WeeGroove in the Park will happen on the second Saturday in June, July and August. See you there!


My students love to talk about their pets. Recently, many of the teachers I work with have been planning lesson plans about house pets. 

Whenever we are talking about families, I always include family pets. This week I wrote three new songs about pets. I have included two of them here... the third needs a little work (and it needs recorded).

My Sister Jeannie and our dog Jessie Twinkle.

My Sister Jeannie and our dog Jessie Twinkle.

My Pet
(Tune: Oats, Peas, Beans and Barley Grow)

I have a dog. He is my pet.
I’ve loved him since the day we met.
Ruff, ruff,ruff is what he says.
I love my dog. I love my pet!

I have a cat. She is my pet.
I’ve loved her since the day we met.
Meow, meow, meow is what she says.
I love my cat. I love my pet!

I Have a Puppy
(Tune: Clementine)

I have a puppy.
His name is Buddy.
And I take him for a walk.
He can sit. He can roll over.
And if I ask him, he can talk.

(Sing melody in Ruffs.)

You can also use Peepers to sing about pets. Look here to get some ideas.

What songs do you use to sing about pets?

Happy Singing!

Fall is Here!

It's officially Fall. Which means we are starting to sing Fall songs in WeeGroove classes and Kids' Work students are starting to get ready for their Fall festivals. 

Today on the blog, you will find a link to all the Fall songs from last year and a few recordings to help students and teachers practice for their upcoming Fall Festivals. 

Fall Songs From 2014

This was recorded in 2014 with the children from the Kids' Work Too Ashland class. Many of those kid have now left me for Kindergarten! We will be singing it again this year, and I am sure there will be many more recordings. 

This was recorded in September of 2015 in the Ashland class at Kids' Work Too. They are still working on this songs and will sing it for their parents at their Autumn Celebration.

"I'm a Nut" and "Brown Squirrel" are fun songs from my childhood.

Enjoy these Fall songs and enjoy the changing weather. It's almost pumpkin season and then we move on to turkeys... Fall is defiantly my favorite season for kids' music.

Happy Singing.