How to Help Your Class Have a Great Music Class

Each week, I work with many different teachers. Each teacher has a different musical ability and each classroom is unique. I have put together a list of four things you can do to help your class have the best possible music class.

4 Tips for Teachers in Music Class

Participate: Your kids are more likely to participate in music class if you are. Your job is to model the behavior I expect from the kids and the show (maybe fake) the enthusiasm I am hoping for. It is especially helpful when I am playing the ukulele and can’t clap or do hand movements.

Redirect Quietly: When a child is having trouble siting in the circle or following directions, go to them quietly. Remind them what we expect of them in music class and possibly sit with them. Please do this as quietly as possible, so class isn’t interrupted. If a child is having a total meltdown, walk them away from the circle, help them calm down and rejoin the group.

Anticipate Problems: You know your children better then I do. Always be on the look out for situations that could result in disruptive behavior. Sit near those potential problems and attempt to stop them before they happen.

Keep Me Informed: Let me know if things have changed in your class, if someone just had a melt down or someone has been biting their friends. Knowing these things helps me anticipate problems.

Every class has good weeks and bad weeks. Don't be discouraged if you are dealing with behavior issues, especially if music class is new to your kids.
Feel free to talk to me or email me about any concerns you have. I am here to help you and together we will be better teachers.

Happy Singing!