Earth Day 2015

The Blue Marble.

The Blue Marble.

190 countries celebrate Earth Day every year. (That's 190 out of 196!)
I believe it is our responsibility to not only take care of our planet, but to teach our children the importance of caring for our shared home. There are many worrying man-made problems that face our planet. It's scary and complicated for adults, and would be overwhelming for children.
It is important to give children achievable tasks to help take care our planet. We want to bring awareness to how much garbage we send to landfills, how much water we waste and how many trees are cut down to make paper towels. We also want to assure our children that they can make a difference.
I am a strong believer in talking positively to children. It isn't fair for us to scare children with a plethora of problems and not give them ways to help. Let's teach about recycling and conservation. We can talk about composting and wearing hand-me-downs. we can talk about how taking small step to save water can make a big difference and how if many children all helped a little bit, we could make a big change.

To help aid your conversation, I have a few Earth Day songs. (I wrote one new song, but have a few songs that I posted last year.)

The Blue Bin
Tune: Twinkle, Twinkle

Put your cans in the blue bin.
When you recycle we all win.
Treat the planet Earth with care.
It's the home that we all share.
Put your cans in the blue bin.
When you recycle we all win!

*You can change the word cans to any recyclable item. 
**In Chicago, our city recycling bins are blue. Change the color as needed to suit the recycling system in your town/neighborhood.

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Happy Earth Day. Do your part to make our planet a better place!

Happy Singing!