Music for St. Patrick's Day

When you think of St. Partrick's day, I doubt you think of Preschool music. In fact, when I heard many of the teacher I work with were planning a St. Patrick's Day lesson plan, my first thought was, should I write a song about green beer? (Obviously, i didn't do that.... well I didn't sing it in to any children.)

I live and teach in Chicago. Irish roots run deep here. Every year, the city dyes the Chicago River green and there is a huge parade. Most of the festivities are for adults, but I was determined to find (or write) a few kids-friendly St. Patty's Day songs.

Here are the fruits of my labor:

St. Patties Day
(I'm a Little Teapot

 I'm a little leprechaun Dressed in green, 
The tiniest man That you ever seen. 
If you ever catch me, so it's told,
I'll give you my pot of gold.

 I’m a lucky shamrock, Can’t you see.
I’ve got four leaves, all the others have three.
Find me in a field, On St. Patrick’s Day.
And all you’ll have good luck every single day.

 Dye the River Green
(Tune: Row your Boat)

 Dye, dye the river green.
Dye river green.
Celebrate the St. Patrick’s Day
Everyone’s Irish today!

Tune:  “Old MacDonald Had a Farm”

There’s a color we all know,
It’s the color that means “Go!”
Oh, she’s wearing green and he’s wearing green.
You’re in green. I’m in Green. Everyone is wearing green,
There’s a color we all know: G-R-E-E-N

During my research about Saint Patrick's Day, I found this neat infografic on

Happy Saint Patrick's Day and Happy Singing!