Family Dance Workshop

Do you have a little dancers at home? A constant wiggler? Does your little one do the toddler-booty-bouce when you turn on music?

Photo by Katie Graves

Photo by Katie Graves

The Columbia Dance Center has a family dance program. It is free for children under 12 and there is a free movement workshop before the show for the whole family. Each workshop is run by a professional dance company that is running a show at the Dance Center.

The next Family Dance is on February 8th. The movement workshop is at 2:15 and the family matinee is at 3:00.

This will be a great opportunity to expose your family to some amazing contemporary dance, get your child moving and experience live music.

Learn more and buy tickets (for adults only) here.

This month's dance companies are Khecari and The Humans. Don't miss it!

Then get a babysitter and see their evening show!