Stegosaurus Felt Board

I wanted to share a new song about Stegosaurus and their plates. I made my stegosaurus for my felt board. I like to have a clear visual when I am counting with children and talking about basic math concepts, and this song introduces the concept of subtraction.

Scientists can't be sure why the Stegosaurus had these giant plates on their back, but they have many theories. One theory is that the plates were a defense mechanism or possibly to make the dinosaur look bigger to predators. Another theory suggests the plates were used in regulating the body temperature of these cool blooded creatures. Other theories believe they were used to attract mates. Ask your kiddos to theorize why the stegosaurus had plates... I bet they have some pretty interesting ideas.

Stegosaurus Lost His Plates
Tune: Camptown Races

Stegosaurus lost his plates.
Oh No! Oh No!
Stegosaurus lost his plates.
Oh No! Oh No!

Five were on his back.
How many does he lack?

Stegosaurus found one plate!
Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!


Happy singing!